Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Well...It happens sometimes.

Terve minun rakkaus perhe ja ystävä, Suomen kieli on vaikea, mutta, olen yritamassa oppia lissa joka päivä. 

Ok, enough of that, my head is starting to hurt. 

So you know how in my email last week, things were picking up with J? Well...things didn't go as well this week. After a lot of cancelling and unanswered phone calls, Sisar Owen and I were just about to call the police out of fear that J was dead. We don't usually react this crazily to all of our investigators, it's just that J is a lot different when it comes to responding and it scared us a little. 

Fortunately, J is not dead, he just has a girlfriend now. (This totally shocked us, I mean relationships with others? I had no idea those things still existed ) -- So we are trying to get him back on track with everything, it might just take a little bit longer. 

Other than that, our district has been working on finding investigators out of a more direct approach, rather than the whole awkward "The weather is so nice today, oh that is a nice scarf, hey want to talk about religion too?". It can be scary at times because we only have about 10-15 seconds to make a lasting impression upon people, and sometimes I feel like people automatically shut themselves off whenever we try and be so direct. 

But I trust that when we implement this into our finding habits we really will find those who are searching for this gospel. 

Have a great week everyone! Happy Chinese New Years, eat some Chinese food and do fun things! 

Sisar Kwok 

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