Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tips from an RM to a PM

I got to speak to a really good friend of mine over the phone a couple days ago and he offered me some of the most sincere and beneficial advice.

1. Love your mission from day one.
Somebody told me that they regretted falling in love with their mission only six months in. They said that they wished they had done it from day one. We only get a limited time to be a full time missionary, love it from the moment you get set apart. Start loving your companion the minute you meet them. Love the people and the language the minute your feet touch the ground every morning. 

2. Make mistakes as quickly as possible.
There are some who might discourage this, but the way I see it the sooner you make a mistake the sooner you can learn from it. Don't be too caught up in being perfect, people don't react to perfect. People make connections with imperfection. 

3.Miracles can literally be just one step away.
There will be some days on your mission when you feel like you have talked to everyone and done everything, yet no one will listen to what you have to say. Some days when your feet hurt from walking, your mouth is dry from talking and your mind hurts from worrying. Weeks when the hand of the Lord seems missing and you feel utterly alone. 
Don't stop. 
Because blessings and miracles are really just on the other side of the hill.
The days that you think you can no longer continue are the days when things turn around. 

4. Don't worry about the language
The missionary is only the tool that Heavenly Father uses to find his elect. The Holy Spirit is the true teacher of the gospel. Be humble. Be genuine. Learn to the best of your ability, but don't worry about your capacity to speak the language. Heavenly Father will open the minds of his missionaries to the languages of the world. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wow wow Wow wow!!

I leave in 8 days!! HOLY COW!!! I am definitely going into full packing mode right now, the floor of my room is completely covered in store bags filled with everything from skirts to Vaseline. Life is pretty crazy!
        Beside all the craziness, however, I want to talk about tender mercies today. Within these last few weeks I have seen so many tender mercies from the Lord in helping me prepare physically and spiritually for my mission.
         My family has always been pretty financially secure, but we recently just recovered from a rough patch. As I was submitting my papers, I had never really thought about how much money it would take to go on a mission. I mean, I knew the basic amount, but I had never thought of all the little things I would have to buy. Thankfully, I've held a job since 16 yrs old and had saved enough, but I was still worried about not having any fall back money to have when I came back to go to school. That was when I began to see all the miracles in my life. In case many of you don't know, quality winter boots and winter jackets can cost A LOT of money. It was to the point where I was estimating spending up to $350 just for those two items alone. This may not seem like a lot but also factor in that I had to buy new skirts, which can cost $20-$35 each, new shirts, luggage, proselyting shoes (which go for around $70-$80), personal hygiene items and other knick knacks, and you were looking at a large portion of money that took out of my budget for in-country use.
          Despite all these issues (which everybody has, I'm not the only one who struggles to fund a mission.) I put my trust in the Lord that everything would work out. And it did! A lovely sister on facebook had just returned from Estonia with a barely worn pair of boots and was selling them for half the price they would've sold for online.
          While shopping, my mom was able to found a very nice quality down jacket that reached my knees for only TEN DOLLARS (granted it needed some work with a tailor, but still TEN DOLLARS)!! On top of all these blessings, every time I would check my bank account, the amount would be more or less the same as before despite my constant spending.
           This doesn't happen to everyone, but I want to share my testimony that the Lord is mindful of what we NEED. He knows the situation of every single person on this earth and if we are faithful, he will bless us with what he knows is best for us. I'm so excited to serve the people of Finland and to learn how to be a true representative of the Lord! Who knows, maybe next time I write, I'll be in the MTC??


Friday, October 10, 2014

Because what's better than being a sister missionary and photo shoots?

Hi everyone!
A really good friend of mine was able to take my mission portraits and I thought it would be fun to share them on this blog! I have less than twenty days until I report to the Provo MTC and I am so stoked! Life has not been exactly easy these past few months but one thing that I have come to know for sure is that our Heavenly Father's love is perfect and everlasting. Many of us struggle with our futures, we're indecisive on which schools to attend, whether or not we should go on a mission or stay home. Let me tell you this, the beauty of this life is in the agency that God has given us. There are some people that will receive specific promptings because He will need them to do certain things either for the good of this church or for their own sake, but the majority of us have the amazing option of sculpting our own lives to match His. Whether you choose to serve a mission or decide to stay home, know that He will bless you in whatever you do as long as you strive to do the right thing.

*photo credit to Nicole Tucker