Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Going and Going and Going!

Another week gone by! 

So this week has been a little slow for some reason, it's really strange because almost all of our investigators can never make it to church because they say they'll be in Helsinki for the weekend...right.

We are still finding elect people here, it's just sad to have to let some go.

J, however is still progressing really well! The ward is just swallowing him up!  It's amazing to see how the gospel can change someone inside and out and it's miraculous to see how it can help people really understand their purpose in life.

Valentine's day was pretty amazing too!
There was a baptism in the ward (for one of the primary children), a wedding and so many baked goods!  There is a traditional pastry here called "pulla". T
​he Finns make it for all kinds of special occasions, it's basically just dough with cardamum in it, but they make a lot of different variations from it. I guess it's traditional to make pulla for Valentine's day because all people would feed us was pulla! 

Anyway, we met a Baha'i couple who invited us back for a discussion last week, it was so...interesting. The man was very nice and kept asking us if it was ok to eat cake, or to eat crackers or drink herbal tea. The "discussion" actually just turned out to be him and his wife wanting to talk to us about their faith, but it was fun while it lasted! 

We also have been getting SO much more sun! Which is such a blessing, because I am getting way too pale! 

That's about it for this week, I hope you all had a fun Valentine weekend!
Make sure to tell people you love them :)

Sisar Kwok 

Sunset view from our balcony. 
Sadly, I don't know who Mannerheim is... but he has a pretty awesome statue in the city. 

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