Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Cleaning.

Hello everyone!

*So I know that it can be sort of exhausting reading all these constant missionary emails, so I am officially going to start spring cleaning on my email list! If any of you would like to be taken off of the weekly update please let me know! I won't be offended, because I know how it feels to be bombarded with 50 different emails from 50 different missionaries each week. Love you all!*

That being said, I am now in Lappeenranta! I love it here already, our apartment is really close to the city center and the harbor is about a 5 minute walk from our aparment building. Lappeenranta is a "Kesä-Kaupunki" (summer city) which means that during the summer the population doubles and that the rest of the year it's pretty dead. The Finns here are a bit different from the ones in Lahti, a little less keen on talking to strangers, but we've been doing a lot of good work with the university students that stay here.

My new companion is Sisar Dowd and she's pretty funny. She loves Disney and loves singing, which makes sense. They sort of both go hand in hand :)

An investigator that we've been working with is A. A is the sassiest Finnish man I know, he's always crossing his arms and saying "I don't know, stop asking me questions" or "I can't remember who Joseph Smith is, how do you expect me to remember who Joseph Smith is?" But secretly I think he likes meeting with us :)

His wife is a member and has been a big help in getting A ready for baptism, we set a baptismal date with him last Wednesday which we are very excited about!

Funny story of the week:
Because LPR is so close to the Russian border, there are some people here that don't really like Russians. I didn't know the extent of this dislike until Sisar Dowd and I decided to visit a less-active in the area. We knock on her door and when she opens it the very first thing she asks is,
"Where are you from? America? Are you from America?"
After we said yes, she sighed a sigh of relief and then tells us that she can't let us in because she is going to take a nap.

haha gotta love em'

Anyway, I love you all!
Let me know how things are doing!
Take care!

Sisar Kwok

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