Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hi everyone!
There are 3 things that I have come to learn from being out here in the frozen land of Finns.

  1. My reflexes in catching myself (or my companion) before slipping have really heightened to mastery level. Basically like Spider-Man.
  2. There is such a thing as walking to slow to get off a bus. Especially when trying to contact. (The doors closed right in front of me and I almost lost my companion, scariest moment of my life) 
  3. It is never a good idea to try and bake muffins out of curdled milk.(I don't really want to explain this one, it brings back too many bad memories)

But anyway, this past week was interim! We got to spend three heavenly days at the mission home in Helsinki! It was so neat to see everyone again and learn from each other. Some things that President Watson talked about was our focus on member present lessons. The Standards of Excellence for our mission is 21 member present lessons per week, per companionship. That is crazy, considering that our ward here in Lahti is comprised of a number not very much bigger than that. It's definitely a challenge, but we trust in the Lord and know that as long as we work hard we will eventually reach our goal. Missionary life is a constant rollercoaster, and I know that even before I left for my mission, people would always say that. But it's not until you are a missionary, living obediently, working hard that you realize how true that statement is. I don't think I've ever felt such a wide range of emotions in one day than right now.But life is good. Life is always good! 

Funny quotes:
"Sometimes, I just really wish you knew how to do acupuncture" -Sis Owen to me (the "Chinese companion")
(after saying hello to someone on the street)
 "Who are you?!! Do I know you?!!"
 "No we just like saying hi!" 
"Oh, where are you from? Russia?" 
"No, America" 
"Oh! America! Bonjour!"

Haha I love the Finns, they always look so surprised whenever you say hello to them! 
Me being me, I left my camera at the mission home, so I won't be getting it back until tomorrow, but I PROMISE I will be sending out pictures next week! 
Happy Valentine's day too, here they call it Ystävän Päivä (lterally, friend's day)
I love you all deeply! Remember how much deeper Christ loves you! 
Sisar Kwok 

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