Monday, February 2, 2015

The seed is already growing!

Moi rakkat velijet ja sisaret! 

This week has been sekaisin! (crazy!!!!) 
A lot of emotions too haha, but we got through it! 

First off, one of our progressing investigators T. that we hoped would get baptized next week, just dropped a bomb by telling us that she was heading to an addictions rehabilitation center for up to 4 months in Tampere. Of course we were happy to know that she is getting help for her addictions, but it was hard to know that we won't be able to contact her at all for at least a month or more.

On the plus side, at a lesson with T. we met J. who is the perfect example of someone who felt the spirit from the first lesson but is too scared to accept it. We invited him to come to church and even found a ride for him, but 5 minutes from the time he was supposed to be picked up, he calls us saying he's not going anymore. But of course, my companion being the awesome missionary that she is, basically coaxed him into his OWN car by the time she was done talking to him on the phone. 
And then we had 5 investigators at church. WHICH IS CRAZY for Lahti! Sisar Owens and I ended up having to do emergency member splits because we needed to do a class in Finnish and English. 

Anyway, later in the night, J. sends us a text us saying:

 J: I appreciate your efforts and for the love that I have felt at church today, but I know that I can't be baptized into your church.
Us: How did you feel at church today J?
J:Very good, but I don't understand why faith is so important.
Us:What do you think faith can help us with?
J: I know that if we have faith in God we can overcome hard things, and he can give me strength.

After that we just ended up calling him and having an amazing lesson over the phone!
We focused on Alma 34 and how faith is like a seed, the best part was that while he was reading the section about good seeds growing to us on the phone, he just paused and whispered, "It's already starting to grow."

I am so excited for J!!! 
Anyway that is about it for this week, tomorrow I head to interim training with the rest of the missionaries that went through the MTC with me! So excited! Can you believe that I am already halfway through my first transfer?? 

Hope you are all doing well!
Sisar Kwok 

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