Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Free gum and Reindeer!!

Hi everyone! 

Pictures are finally working again! Yay! 

A lot of fun things happening here in Lahti, for instance, I went on splits with the STLs on Saturday, 2 investigators came to church, and most importantly, we helped a dear invesigator clean her house (it was much needed, imagine an episode of "Hoarders") while we were trying to help her vacuum, we noticed that there was no suction going on and so we had to take the vacuum apart and clean it out. In the vacuum tube thingy we found:

A bottle cap.
A playing card.
Lots of cigarrettes. 
and many other things that I probably don't need to mention.

That floor was so clean when we were done! 

Anyway, I got to try reindeer yesterday (in Finnish it is Porro)! It was so cool, it tasted really similar to lamb and beef. Also, my trainer has an obsession with gum. This is really sad because we aren't allowed to eat gum in public. So while we are studying in our apartment she will eat up to 5 pieces of gum at a time. She ran out yesterday and was super antsy but then guess what? While we were cleaning our beloved investigators house, we found a box that was full of gum, almost to the top! When we asked her where she got it, she said

Her:"Oh, that gum? They were throwing it away at the Saksala store down the street." 
Us: "Oh...why?" 
Her: "I think there was some sort of default or something, but they ended up just giving it to me"
Us: ".....so..."
Her:"Take some!"
Us: "OK!!"

There is no shame in missionary work people! When people give you free things you say thank you and take it gratefully! Sisar Owen was so happy! 

That's about it this week, thanks for your prayers and for your kindness! I hope you don't follow our examples and take shady gum from others! Be nice to people! 

Sisar Kwok 

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