Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blue skies and song birds. Finnish spring is the best spring ;)

Folks, the days are ticking down... 

It's crazy to believe that time moves so quickly and yet so slowly! On the mission they have this saying that goes like this, "The days are weeks and the weeks are days." I couldn't say it better myself. (I've probably shared that like 10 times by now)

Something that I have loved this past week is the WEATHER. OH MAN. Finnish springs are the perfect mix of breezy and warm. Not to mention all the flowers that are blooming now, I wish I could take them home with me, but then I'd probably end up being tackled by the massive TSA guy at the airport.

Wouldn't want that now would we! 

This week Sister Roberts and I had the magnificent opportunity to help our investigator unpack from moving. This investigator had a baptismal date for the 7th but because of difficulties, we won't really know when she will be baptized. Despite all the setbacks, I know for a sure that the Lord loves this investigator and that He will not allow them to fall or to struggle for longer than they have to before things become clear again, that is how He has always worked. 

We've also seen many miracles as a result of the hectic Vappu weekend, Vappu is a holiday where all Finns celebrate by wearing their graduation sailor caps, and party pants. No joke, they actually have real legit party pants here. They usually have a huge summer market and parties and parades. It's a lot like the fourth of July in the States, except it's just a lot more quieter here ;) 

While we were outside contacting, we see this dad quickly walking across the street with his daughters in the cart. We stop him and the contact goes from basic to pretty sour in a couple seconds. He looks at us with a bored look on his face and then proceeds to tell us how the Book of Mormon is a sick journal with all types of wars and sin in it. I honestly didn't expect this type of reaction and my mind starts to churn thinking of ways we can say to invite the spirit back into the conversation. I receive the thought, "Say something that will lead to his love for his family." 
After the man stops speaking, I ask him, "Sir, may I ask you, where have you found joy in your life?" He points to his two daughters in the stroller, and then I go on to say, "I KNOW, that the love you feel for your daughters is the exact same love that our Father in Heaven has for you. I don't know the answers to all things, and yes there are many wars in this book, but I know that God exists and he loves us so much he has given us the opportunity to act and choose for ourselves." We later went on to teach him the principle of agency, and at the end he took the Book of Mormon and gave his contact information. He lives in the elders area so we won't be able to see him, but whatever happens to him, I know that he felt something as we talked to him that day. 

I am so thankful for the holy spirit and for the wonderful people of this world, it is such a HUGE blessing to talk to people every day and learn more about who they are. I feel like the more I talk to people, the more I understand how God feels toward them. 

I guess that is it for this week, until next time! 
Love you all! 
Sisar Kwok 

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