Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sisar Kwok's Original "Third Week of Finland" (limited edition)

Just to shake things up, I've decided to compose this email to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas. It's not Christmas, but there is still snow on the ground, so this song is still valid.
 Feel free to sing along :)  

On my third week in Finland Sisar Owen and I saw:

ONE new Burger King (This Burger King is 1 out of 3 in the whole country. People are pretty excited) 
THREE lost bus cards :(
FOUR awesome new investigators
FIVE harmless drunk meeennnnn!! (there are many more than five here, but i didn't know where else to put this so...) 
SIX dogs a barking
SEVEN pigeons a flying (there is house behind our apartment that seems to just house pigeons, there are literally whole swarms of them that just fly around and distract me during personal study)
EIGHT old women telling us to wear hats
NINE knitted articles of clothing (knitting is a BIG DEAL here)
TEN fingers and toes (still intact) 
ELEVEN degrees below...

142 Nordic walking sticks!!! (the people here use Nordic walking sticks religiously, it makes a lot of sense because there is so much ice here, but it also makes it look like the whole town is skiing in the city)

Have a great week everyone! I hope the new year is going well! Keep up your goals! 
Don't forget to pray! Read the scriptures!
Sisar Kwok 

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