Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Manna from Heaven.

The most interesting things happen to people on missions. I wish that before I received my mission call, there would've been a disclaimer on the envelope saying something like...

"Caution: Use of this invitation might result in miraculous miracles, meeting interesting people with strange notions about how to dispose old rice and bread in an environmentally friendly way, and occasional slipping on streets made entirely out of ice." 

If I had read that before I left, I would have probably been a lot more prepared for what happened yesterday.

To start off though...President and Sister Watson came to Vaasa on Sunday! yayyy!!!! There is nothing better than seeing your mission president and his wife pull up to meet you, and then give you all the dining room chairs and drying racks that are needed in your apartment. 

After sacrament meeting, usually both us, the elders and our recent converts attend a gospel principles class that is taught by a member of the ward. This time Sister Watson joined us, and we were glad to see that our recent convert had brought his friend to church that day. We had a good discussion about the pre-mortal life and mentioned the Book of Mormon to him as another book of holy scripture. He seemed interested in the discussion and we all just assumed that he was being nice and listening to what we had to say. 
But. Miracle of miracles people. 

After we say the closing prayer, and we start packing our bags. Our recent convert's friend raises his hand and says loudly, "I know this sounds weird and I don't even know if you all do this, but do you think that there are some people from your church that could come visit me at my home during my free time to help me learn more about that book that the man over there is holding?" He points to Elder Parsons. "I don't know what it is, but you say that it is another book of scripture, I am willing to read it and apply it into my life."

We were so shocked, we just looked at him until Sister Watson laughed and says, "Of course! That's why we're all here!" 

Haha it was so cool! He lives in our area, so we'll be teaching him this week!

Funny story of the week: Sister Cardon and I were walking around yesterday trying to find a non-existent address. We had been walking in the cold for more than three hours, our socks were soaking wet from the puddles and ice. We were trying to navigate our way around a building that was built on an incline, to get to a road that would lead us back to where we wanted to go. The WHOLE HILL was just completely covered with layer of wet ice. I ended up having to slide down the hill on my butt because it would've been faster than trying to walk down it. NOT ONLY THAT, but when get to the bottom, we realize there is fence that separates the hill from the road, so we decide to walk through this mini forest to go around the building. We are walking in the forest, when we realize that all around us are patches of rice, and slices of moldy bread just EVERYWHERE. Literally, Manna from Heaven.

I'll send you some pictures of the moldy bread next week, I forgot my camera today :(  
Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! 
Don't eat moldy bread! 

Sisar Kwok 

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