Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Old and Bald, what is the world coming to these days?

This week I.....

  • Attended a Lutheran mass with an investigator, it was such a good experience, I love being able to get to know other religions and see how they worship. They were celebrating Loppiainen, which is a celebration of the 12 days after Christmas, they spoke on where the tradition of the Christmas tree originated from (apparently from Martin Luther??) and appointed new priests in the church. It was so cool! 
  • Gave ANOTHER TALK in sacrament meeting, this is lucky number 5 people! You would think that for being in the area for only a week, and having already heard from me during fast and testimony meeting, they probably would have thought it would be better to hear from my companion, right?? NO!!! 
My awkward phone conversation with the second counselor:
Him: Hey, so...we wanted to invite you to give a talk this Sunday.
Me: You mean, this Sunday, as in...tomorrow. (it was 8 at night) 
Me: And when you say "you", do you mean my companion? 
Me: Ooohhhhh, okay. But I just barely spoke last week, are you sure you don't want to ask my companion, the one who has been here for like 4 months already?? 
Him: You'll do great! 

- end of conversation -


 right, just in case I have to whip out a 10 minute talk in Finnish in less than like an hour.  NO PROBLEM. 

  • Ate awesome PHO!!!! We have several Vietnamese investigators that invited us over for dinner one night, and holy cow, it was so good. I want to eat pho for the rest of my life!
Story of the week:
Yesterday, we were at a family night activity with one of our investigators. We ended up watching some parts of the worldwide devotional that was in BYU-Hawaii just a few days ago. Our investigator ends up spending most of their time on the phone, so I scoot over to tell him a little bit more about the devotional. I point to the screen and say, "That man is the head Apostle, which means he represents Jesus Christ and is one of His disciples, pretty cool huh?" Our investigator looks up from the phone and stares at the screen for several minutes and then whispers really loudly, "HE'S REALLY OLD." and after a couple more seconds, "HE'S BALDING TOO." then looks back at the phone. 

I wanted to do a face palm so bad. 

Moments like these, remind me of the love that the Savior has for all of us, and for how wonderful missionary work really is. We are all unique and He loves us for being unique! 

Thank you for always praying for the missionaries and for supporting the work, I know it's true and that it is always worth it!

I have you all have a great week! 
Sisar Kwok 

​Our windows have started to freeze over, so I decided to take a picture of how pretty the crystals look, aren't they beautiful? 

Okay, not a really good picture, but our eyelashes have been freezing over the whole week, so we thought we would try our best to capture the moment! Stay warm my friends! ​

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