Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fwd: Mennemmekö naimisiin?? in other words, "Are we getting married??"

Love hearing from you Emily with your sense of humor! We love you and will continue to pray for your success and safety! Love you, Kathy Winn

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Rakat Velijet ja Sisaret,
Mitä kuulu?

This past week has felt like the longest and bestest week of MAH LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

First off, we were at the mission home. Man, food at the mission home is so good, I miss real food that doesn't consist of a bunch of salads and bread all the time. Not that I don't appreciate a good salad and bread...but, yeah.


The Watson's are such an amazing couple, the peace that they have in their home is almost unreal, We were able to learn amazing things such as:

1. How the Sepsis death rate in Utah got lowered from 26% to 6% (the whole time President was telling us this story all I could think was, "that's MY mission president, he's saved so many lives!!!")

2. How the human heart relates to all things spiritual.

3. Tracting is a lost art.

and how basically everything that we do is emphasized by the Spirit 100%

I wish I could write down in words all the things that I learned from those 3 days, but alas, I am but a woman who can't even keep track her daily planner.

After we got back from interim, we were able to have a lesson with a man named M, who sort of dropped off our radar for several weeks but has come back strong, We called him Sunday morning as a last minute prompting, and he ended up coming! SUCH MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!
We walked with him from the city center to our church and every single time we turned a corner he would ask us if we were there yet. Finally, as we got closer I pointed toward the church's general direction and said, " It's just over there." which sadly was in the same direction as the state office building.

M just stares blankly at the building, slowly says, "Wait, you didn't tell me we were getting married." and just busts out laughing, for a good 5 minutes. By himself.
People. You just have to love them.

Other highlights from this week:
1. Picked up a rug for a sick investigator. We totally didn't even think about how big it was going to be, but good thing Sister Hyde is a beast.

2.There was a market going on in Mikkeli, so I ended up buying a whole serving of Muikku, which is basically small fishes which are fried whole in butter. Head and tail included. Best day ever! (See the attached photo)

3. Said goodbye to our district leader who is leaving to the States to start school, RIP Elder McMaster!

​All in all it's been a good week! I hope to hear from you all soon!
Thanks for sticking with me for so long!
Sisar Kwok


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