Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Oh my gosh, this week was probably one of the most mentally stressful weeks I've ever experienced but also one of the most rewarding.

I won't go through all of the hardships but let's just say that training is not easy! I've never had to pray as much as I have over things and really ponder on what it means to be charitable.

Anyway...aside from that...
It all started out when we were trying to plan for the upcoming baptismal date of S, when the high priest tells us he had overheard a conversation where S is actually not his own legal guardian. At first this meant absolutely nothing to me, but after calling President we realized that we would have to contact his legal caretaker and discuss with her the legal complications regarding his baptism. So we did it! I've never had to deal with legal matters that require court papers before so while the phone was ringing I was just praying that the lady spoke English. But alas, out of a country where English is taught as a standard to all children, the lady who organizes S's affairs did not speak English.

 At all.

Anyway, after a long time of asking her to pause so that I could look up laywer jargon words in the dictionary we were finally able to get the green light for S to be baptized!

Not only that but N&K's son, who we've been working with for a while now also was interviewed by Elder McMaster...and he was ready to get baptized too!!!!!!

2 BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am now 20 years old! Isn't that gross? ewh. I don't like it.

Looking back on this week now, I've realized that I've hit a lot of milestones, I've turned twenty and tomorrow I will be halfway through my mission, time goes by so soon! It's hard to imagine that I received my call letter 1 year and two weeks ago!
If anything I've learned that the Lord is with us in all things and that despite our doubts and fears, he will lift our burdens and straighten our path.

I turned twenty, but I know that the knowledge that I've learned within these last 9 months will carry me for the rest of my life!

​We went to the Russian border again, but this time we got even closer!  Haha it was pretty peaceful though, the only thing to keep us from going into the country was a tiny little watch camera on the side of the fence.

​Lunch after district meeting with the Melby's!

Thanks for all of the Happy Birthday wishes, I hope you know that I care about every single one of you and treasure your emails!

Sisar Kwok


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