Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Say hello to Rikki Jr.


It's been heavenly.

Aside from the amazing weather, this week has been pretty great! I think it's funny that I say that because there are a lot of days within the week that actually make me want to curl up in a ball and stop trying to plan anything for anyone ever again...

But then the week goes by and I realize that being a missionary is actually quite awesome.

First things first, we picked up an investigator named E! E is just incredibly receptive to the Spirit and such an overall wonderful person, we've been teaching her for only a week and she's already so progressed so much! She's pretty much everything I want to be when I grow up. Which might be a problem because she's only 16 years old. But, really, she is that incredible people!

On another note, I got my first official bible bashing lesson this week, which was pretty awesome. I knew it was going to happen because right when we walked in we saw a massive bible on the kitchen table and a notebook next to it that had the words "Joseph Smith" written on it. It was painful to experience because no matter how many times we would try to pull things back to basic gospel principles she would change the subject and start talking about how we didn't believe in the same God or same Christ.

We have another appointment set up with her this week, pray for us people.

Also, because the slush in the street has cleared up, we brought our bikes out from the storage garage a couple days ago. Sisar Owen would always talk about how her bike, "Rikki" (which is the Finnish word for 'break' I think?) would always fall apart in the streets of Helsinki. Since I inherited my bike from her former companion, I've decided to name it "Rikki Jr." I can already tell that so much good work is going to come through this bike, the brakes are basically gone and it makes this strange scratching noise whenever I ride it. Haha I am so excited!

That's it for this week!
I love you all!
Make good choices in life!

Sisar Kwok

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