Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"DON'T WORRY, the Zone Leaders are actually really excited about it."

Terve Kaikille!
It's been a good week! 

Highlights from district meeting:
  • Played modal verb Jeopardy. Elder McMaster and Hastings won, Mikkeli Elders got close second. Good game Elders, good game. 
  • Learned that Elder Hastings can actually play piano, sly dog has been holding out on us for 5 months.
Quotes from Sister Powell
"We are NOT talking about this right now!.."
"You know that lactose intolerant heavy whipping cream I bought last week? Yeah, it's not cutting it."

This week... WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! That's right! N&K got baptized this past weekend! Everything went pretty smoothly until...we got a call from our Elder McMaster asking about how many Baptismal Records we had. Turns out that we had totally forgot to order any from the office. I've made mistakes before, but I really did feel bad about this one.

Usually in a regular missionary scenario, the district leader would be like, "Oh, that's ok sisters, we'll just bring some to you when we we roll into LPR tomorrow." 

But of course there is no such thing, and because we are so spread out in this area of the country it actually ended up being a lot worse.

This is how it went:
DL: "Oh, wait, you don't have any baptismal records?? Huh...that's not too good. Because we don't either..."
Us:"WHAT??? Wait, but what are we going to do then?" 
DL: "Well...hmmm...I don't know I've never been in this situation before...you know what, just hold on, let me call President"

DL:"Oh-kay, here's whats going to happen! The zone leaders are going to catch a 1 am bus to give US the baptismal records, and THEN we are going to catch a train to get to you sisters, but don't worry because they're actually super excited to do it!"

So we ended up being saved by our poor Zone Leaders, we owe them big time, they pulled an all nighter for us right before a baptism of their own. I felt so bad about that.

But all in all, things went really well!  

our favorite job!

You guys, I am so happy for this family, I am just so happy for all of the amazing things that will happen in their lives after they enter the temple. Already, they are such perfect examples of faith and dedication to me.

And guess what, I will be released by the time they can go into the temple, that means I GET TO COME BACK AND GO WITH THEM!!!! Families really can be together forever! 

this is a picture of a member's cat. The thing had death eyes, I had to take a picture of it.

All in all it was a really good week! 
I hope you are all having a fantastic summer and 4th of July! Eat lots of s'mores for me!
Sisar Kwok 

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