Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"I knew it from a dream..."

First of all, congrats to the best beef Kaylee for GETTING MARRIED!!! That is absolutely insane, I am so happy for you, you look gorgeous!

This week has been a week of complete and utter miracles!

Do you remember that family that we were teaching last week? Well...we got to meet her husband this past Sunday and they BOTH HAVE BAPTISMAL DATES!!!!!!!!! There are no words to express my joy that I felt at that moment when we asked him if he would prepare himself for baptism. Usually people are very "Maybe..." "I think so..." "I don't know, if it feels right..."


Another cool experience with this family was when we met with the mother yesterday. We were talking about how God has a hand in our lives and that our purpose on this earth was to progress. By the end of the lesson she is telling us about when she was young, the missionaries had tracted her neighborhood. She had sent them away convinced that she would never listen to their message. But she then tells us that the morning of the day we met her she had woken up with a distinct impression that she needed to listen to the missionaries. MIRACLES!!!!

This is such a relief for this area, for the longest time the adversary has just been pounding our investigators to pieces. And they weren't just getting hit with tomatoes people, there have been some pretty serious rocks that have hit our members and our investigators.
There were days when I felt like every single time something good happened, I would have to brace myself for bad news about a members' family, another dropped investigator or another anti-Mormon relative.

This area is hard. Very, very hard. I would never have admitted that to myself, but throughout these past couple of weeks I've had to come to grips that the work that we've been doing isn't bad work. We just need to endure it the best we can and work against all that we've been facing.
Please pray for this family everyone, please pray that this area will be able to progress and that our members will receive the help that they deserve.

I love you all! I hope you are finding the Lord's hand in all that you do! He loves us, He loves to see our growth.
Have a great week!
Sisar Kwok

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