Monday, September 8, 2014



Minum nimeni on Emily, hauske tatuskua! 
Suomi on vaikea ya mina olen hidas. Apua! Ha Ha olen vain vitsailin!

Mina olen Amerikkalainen. Kotimaavii on Kyna. Minulla on tumma hiukset ja tumma silvat. 

My name is Emily, nice to meet you!
Finnish is difficult and I am slow. Help! Ha ha, i'm just joking!

I am from America. My home country is China. My hair is dark and my eyes are dark. 


That folks, is how much Finnish I've learned since auditing a couple classes in the past few days. My head has been wanting to explode every single time I leave the class, so I'm not exactly looking forward to the full day of classes at the MTC! Hopefully the days go by quickly! 

Time has been moving so quickly, only about 50 days until I enter the MTC! I am beyond excited but also scared for my life! Only 50 days until I leave for a whole 18 months into the unknown. 

I've been able to complete a lot of my bucket list items. I recently got the chance to...
hike to the Delicate Arch in Moab
go on a trip to Park City with my closest friends
teach a lesson about the Word of Wisdom with the missionaries (so cool!)
go on a (single) date
and I just bought tickets to the BYU Homecoming game! 

Woohoo! So many down, so many to go! 

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