Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Funny quotes and spiritual things (of course)

Terve minun rakas! 

The following email is an excerpt from several pages of Sister Kwok's quote page in her daily planner.

While tracting:

(In a building that smells like really good food.)
"Come on people, invite the missionaries in, we're just 2 poor young women who don't have any muscle on this meat."

(When we get door-checked) 
"Well. He obviously wasn't ready for eternal life!"

While walking toward an appointment:

(After a man on a bicycle passes us)
"You know he's a professional biker when there are two of those reflective shiny things on his butt." 
(This is a true thing people, this man had actually reflective thingies SEWN onto his rear end.) 

Interesting things seen this week:
-A man on the bus who looks EXACTLY like Ron Swanson off of Parks and Rec.
-2 Russian women, one with Cruella De Vil hair and the other with the hair of Cinderella's step-sister.
- The Saipa cross dresser. This man wears Saipa hockey gear every single time we see him, along with high heels and blue eye-shadow. He's a very nice man, we've actually had some really great conversations.
-A St. Bernard the size of a large child or small adult. Either way, it was massive.
-A man selling balloons in the city market asking me to marry him.

Kuitenkin...on a more spiritual note, we've had some great miracles this week, especially with investigators popping up through mysterious places. It amazes me how the Lord knows who is ready and how he works through us to find them. 

I also want to thank you all for your prayers and kind words! 
I know Christ is the Son of God, and that he atoned for our sins.
He loves us!

Sisar Kwok 

Spring weather!

​we love getting lost in the middle of nowhere! 

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