Thursday, November 27, 2014

Apostles, partings...and Finnish.


So I bet you all are wondering why you are receiving this email at like 5 in the morning, well as it turns out, because today is Thursday, and it is Thanksgiving, they just didn't schedule us a p-day. So here we are, walking up at 4:30 to do our laundry/emails/ letter writing. YAY!!!!!

So this week was both a very happy and sad week, first of all, the Hungarians left us, it was like losing 12 older brothers and sisters, it broke my heart! But I know this change is one of the many that are going to come this next year, so "Tuo on lähetysaarnaja elämä" That is the missionary life. 

Anyway, on a happier note... DALLIN H. OAKS CAME TO THE MTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WAAHHHHHH! It was amazing! I even got to sing for him (plus or minus 500 other missionaries) 
He compared missionaries to pens, a tool that to be constantly willing to work in order to be useful. I laughed because he said, "When I use this pen, it can't tell me that it is too tired, or that because it is P-day it is not going to work, I need my pen to be willing to work when I am" It's so true, the Lord is always going to give us revelation when we are constantly seeking it, it will never be the other way around!

That being said, I learned a lot about patience this week. Patience with others and myself. Sometimes when you are in a classroom with five other very unique and wonderful beings for 11 hours or more, things can get a little tense or even a little irreverent. Being a missionary has definitely helped me see things like Christ would, Christ is the most patient being ever, as I've worked on becoming more Christ-like, I have seen the change that comes with dedication and love toward others. 

Finnish is hard, haha I know I would joke about it before, but it really is. Nevertheless, I can see myself improve EVERY DAY, just not at the speed I would like it to be. It's hard to realize that you have been in the MTC for a whole month and you still can't say a complete sentence grammatically correct to save your life. Also the words are massive, so that doesn't help. 
Fun Finnish Fact:
the word: 
is kahdeskymmenes viisas  

Fun story:
Before they left, Elder Baird, one of the hungarians, decided to do the rainbow challenge, (drinking one cup of every single colored drink, and then one cup of all of them mixed) he literally had 1 SIP left, but he ended up throwing up all over his companion. Haha I just thought that would be fun to share.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your week be full of fun and family!



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